Events and Conferences


The Polsky Center hosts more than 200 events per year in collaboration with student groups and cross-campus partners. Visit the events calendar for a full list of upcoming events, workshops and conferences.

The Collaboratorium provides UChicago faculty members and researchers with the chance to showcase their research, technology, or ideas. Through discussions with students, ideators develop a better understanding of the next steps they may need to take to pursue a business opportunity. Further, ideators have the chance to network with University of Chicago students and alumni with whom they may be interested in partnering with in order to embark upon any of the following aspirations: further academic study, market research, a business partnership, or participation in an academic competition such as the New Venture Challenge. Learn more

Polsky Founders’ Stories
Polsky Founders' Stories is a regular, off-the-record, discussion with a founder on how they got started, what some of their early struggles were and how they overcame them. These types of candid and personal accounts are largely fueled by Q&A, so audience participation is encouraged. Examples of featured founders include Raaja Nemani, CEO and founder of BucketFeet; Aaron Dallek and Dr. Steven Lee, cofounders of Opternative; and David Rabie, MBA ’15, CEO and founder of Tovala. 

Polsky Quick Pitch
Quick Pitches are a monthly forum for those with entrepreneurial ideas to pitch to their peers, get immediate feedback on their ideas, and ask for any help they might need. As the name implies, pitches are short (max of 2 minutes), just enough time to explain what the idea is, why you're interested in it, and what you need help with. Every presenter walks away with handwritten feedback, suggestions from the audience, and offers to help. 

Annual Conferences

The Polsky Center works closely with various student groups to help organize conferences on topics in entrepreneurship and investing.

  • SeedCon: Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Conference - Cohosted by the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital (EVC) student group at Chicago Booth and the Polsky Center, SeedCon is a conference designed to bring together successful entrepreneurs and seasoned venture capitalists to share ideas and advice, foster creativity, and ignite the entrepreneurial-spirit within. Learn more.
  • Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) Conference - Cohosted by Chicago Booth and Kellogg, the ETA Conference, is the first-of-its-kind conference aimed at educating and inspiring students, alumni, and the community of the entrepreneurship through acquisition process. Learn more
  • Private Equity Conference - Cohosted by the Private Equity student group at Chicago Booth and the Polsky Center, the Beecken Petty O'Keefe & Company Private Equity Conference is a conference aimed at providing high value to private equity practitioners as well as Chicago Booth students by combining knowledge from both industry and academia that would be hard to find in any other setting. Learn more.