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Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund

Application & Eligibility

The Innovation Fund is a milestone based fund where successful applicants share several traits including:

  • A committed team
  • Strong evidence of market need
  • A clear plan for using the Innovation Fund Investment to tackle milestones, prove out a concept, and attract further funding
  • A faculty, student, or staff member on the founding team

Applications for the Spring 2018 Innovation Fund are now open. Eligible candidates include faculty, students, and staff seeking investment to commercialize their research.

The Polsky Center offers extensive support for early lifecycle companies interested in Innovation Funding

Technology Commercialization and Licensing: Support with the protection of your invention

Collaboratorium: Uniting UChicago students with researchers, technologists, and faculty who want to explore the commercialization opportunities and business applications of their work. The program is a chance to access business talent and build a team.

Polsky I-Corps: Empowering UChicago scientists, researchers, and students to test the commercial potential of their research and ideas.