Meet the Resurgence Cohort 1 Startups: Stranergy

Team Members

  • Mei He – CEO and Founder
  • Rui Deng – CFO and Cofounder
  • Jianan Zheng – CIO and Cofounder
  • Matthew Forquer – CTO and Cofounder

What does your company do?

Stranergy is revolutionizing the future of long duration energy storage technology. The company designs, develops, and fabricates inherently safe and 100% recyclable energy storage systems. Our system is built to adapt with the domestic market with a more efficient design and a diversified supply chain. Our game changing approach, paired with an innovative business model, improves performance, reduces risk, and fast tracks the momentum to a cleaner energy landscape. We are not just building batteries; we are building a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

Stranergy’s main product is the next-generation of vanadium flow battery technology. We leverage additive manufacturing and smart fabrication for fast deployment and innovative electrolyte processing technology for significantly improved battery performance.

How did you get the idea?

I (Mei) am a material scientist and welding engineer by training, and my entry into the energy industry was almost accidental about six years ago. This unexpected shift exposed me to the critical urgency of energy transition for future generations, and I quickly developed a deep love and passion for this field. My interest in sustainable energy solutions was further sparked by a personal connection. A few years ago, my father had a project to improve the energy efficiency of vanadium flow battery electrolyte. I found myself fascinated with his work. The safety and unlimited scalability potential of this technology impressed me. I knew I wanted to be part of it, because I see this as a technology that can truly make a difference.

The decision to join forces with my father was quick. We set out to create a company that embodied our shared vision: efficient, safe, and scalable long duration energy storage solutions. I envisioned a future with no toxic battery fires, no wasting of solar or wind energy, and no delay in adopting this groundbreaking technology.

Over the last two years, I have been dedicated to Stranergy’s mission. We’re not just developing technology; we’re striving to make a significant impact in the journey to net zero. It’s a challenging path, but the potential to transform how we store and use energy keeps me motivated every day. In this journey, my goal is clear: to create a future where sustainable energy solutions are not just a dream, but a reality for everyone.

What are you most excited for as part of Resurgence?

It is an honor to be part of Resurgence’s first cohort. We are excited to get the rigorous preparation and training we need to advance our mission. We are thrilled to have the support of world-class professionals from the university and from the Resurgence program. The people and the energy they bring makes this accelerator more than the sum of its parts.

What do you hope to get out of Resurgence?

We hope to master the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and accelerate our position strategy to be investor ready by the end of the Resurgence program. The most important thing is the community. We are all on this grand mission together to fix a problem so big that multiple partnerships are needed for success. The Stranergy team is blessed and honored to be part of the cleantech ecosystem in Chicagoland.

Where do you hope your company is a year from now?

At the conclusion of Resurgence, we expect to be working with a partner to build out our first demonstration and really start providing a key component in renewable energy infrastructure. With the boost from Resurgence and a capable team like ours, anything is possible in regards to what we can accomplish in our mission towards net zero.

Housed within the Polsky Center’s Deep Tech Ventures initiative, Resurgence provides full-spectrum support for its cleantech startups that are dedicated to bringing life-saving, world-changing products and services to market.  To learn about the other teams, click the links below.

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