Meet the Resurgence Cohort 1 Startups: Blaze Power

Team Members

  • Sagar Pande – Cofounder and CEO
  • Dr. Arun Kumar – Cofounder and CTO

What does your company do?

Blaze Power is championing the power of lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) and iron-based cathodes and advancing sustainability with next-gen battery materials.

How did you get the idea?

We have a strong commitment to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of energy storage technologies. We recognized that conventional lithium-ion batteries, which rely heavily on materials like cobalt and nickel, have significant environmental and ethical concerns associated with their production, and we realized the importance of transitioning to alternative materials that could offer a more sustainable solution. As the world transitions to clean energy sources, the need for advanced, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly energy storage technologies is becoming evident. Arun has been involved in battery materials research for over two decades and has developed new methods for synthesizing iron-based cathode materials that make them more efficient and have a longer lifespan. At Blaze Power, we believe that the future of iron-based cathode batteries is bright.

What are you most excited for as part of Resurgence?

We are incredibly excited to be a part of Resurgence at the Polsky Center. One aspect that excites us the most is the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of fellow deep-tech companies and tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the Polsky Center community, including working with all of the great people – specifically Resurgence director Dr. Ozge Guney-Altay. She has been an amazing mentor and has guided us in so many ways. She has also put us in contact with business liaisons from the Polsky network to offer more specific expertise. The Resurgence team has been invaluable and we’re so excited to work with her and everybody involved in the program.

We look forward to engaging with and learning from experts and exploring potential synergies with other innovative ventures. Additionally, the access to resources, mentorship, and tailored programming that Resurgence offers is invaluable. This program provides a conducive environment for us to accelerate our growth and make significant strides in advancing our iron-based cathode technology.

What do you hope to get out of Resurgence?

We hope to develop a comprehensive plan for commercializing our technology, including identifying potential partners and customers and securing additional funding. We hope to work with the experts at the Polsky Center to refine our strategy and make it even more competitive in the market. We anticipate expanding our team with top talent in the industry to further strengthen our capabilities.

Where do you hope your company is a year from now?

A year from now, we hope to have made significant progress toward commercializing our iron-based cathode materials technology. We hope to have completed the development of our first commercial product and be in the process of scaling up production. We also hope to have secured additional funding from other investors, which will allow us to accelerate our growth and bring our technology to market even sooner. We are confident that the Resurgence program will help us to achieve our goal of being at the forefront of the energy transition, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable battery materials technology.

Housed within the Polsky Center’s Deep Tech Ventures initiative, Resurgence provides full-spectrum support for its cleantech startups that are dedicated to bringing life-saving, world-changing products and services to market.  To learn about the other teams, click the links below.

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