Fab Lab

The Polsky Fab Lab offers all existing Polsky Exchange members a full suite of state of the art equipment to create prototypes and translate ideas into physical objects.

The Fab Lab Offers:

  • Expert support: Polsky staff provide knowledge and guidance to help you through the prototyping process, assist with determining the best tools for the job at each stage, and connect you with an extended network for additional resources.
  • Training classes: Fab Lab 101 is offered weekly and provides an orientation to the Fab Lab's space and many resources. Follow this with machine-specific authorizations, which will train you safely and expertly use the Fab Lab equipment for your project.
  • 2D and 3D Design workshops: Coming up with a good idea and learning how to make a prototype are only part of the process of creating a successful business. In order to take advantage of digital fabrication, you need to translate your designs to a digital file. Our software classes can help you do just that.
  • Materials for prototyping: Use of the Fab Lab and materials for prototyping are included in Polsky Exchange membership. Members may be asked to provide their own materials for special projects or if high quantities are required.
  • Workshop and hack days: In addition to training authorizations, the Fab Lab hosts Arduino Fridays, founders' teas, and other project-based workshops to build community and help members gain skills outside their primary areas of expertise.

Access the Lab
All existing Polsky Exchange members are eligible for access to the Polsky Fab Lab. To become a member, please fill out an application online at: bit.ly/PolskyExchangeSignup

The Fab Lab includes 3D printers, a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, a wood shop and more!

Get Started 
Fab Lab 101 is your first step to take advantage of the Fab Lab's incredible resources. Offered every week, Fab Lab 101 is a prerequisite for the machine-specific authorizations, design consultations, and usage of the professional 3D printers. Find a session in the Polsky Exchange member newsletter.

Contact Elizabeth Koprucki, Assistant Director of Fab Lab and Design: ekoprucki@uchicago.edu