Bettor Vision: Bringing All Your Fantasy Sports Betting Into One App

Bettor Vision is a participant in Cohort 3 of Transform, a data science and AI startup accelerator powered by Deep Tech Ventures at the University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Innovation in collaboration with the Data Science Institute.

There aren’t many better places to start a sports betting company than at a sports bar, and that’s exactly where the cofounders of Bettor Vision – Geoff Doyle and Brett Lanier – met and started to plan out the vision for their company.

Doyle spent a decade working in telecom before changing careers and getting into sports tech by joining the first social sports better app Wagr; while Lanier, a West Point Graduate, served proudly as an Army officer for over 20 years. The two met through a mutual friend and quickly connected over their passion for sports, fantasy sports, and vision for where the industry was heading. After meeting, the two decided to work together and created Bettor Vision.

Bettor Vision provides a solution to a growing issue in the sports betting and fantasy sports industries. With the market’s rapid expansion, sports bettors have found themselves using many different apps to manage their bets and fantasy teams, creating an overwhelming and disjointed experience. Bettor Vision consolidates these activities into a single platform, streamlining the process and elevating the user experience.

“Data shows that sports fans now have approximately eight apps to manage their betting, daily fantasy, and season-long fantasy accounts, yet no one is combining this activity on one platform,” said Doyle. “Bettor Vision streamlines this behavior, so users no longer need to check multiple apps to find the best odds, most compelling promotions, and track all their activity.”

For operators in these industries, this unique synchronization of sports betting, season-long fantasy, and daily fantasy provides a comprehensive view of the consumer experience, enabling more effective and hyper-targeted marketing strategies compared to competitors.

Additionally, in sports betting many time-sensitive product offerings may expire once a game starts or dynamically change through a game. But due to the fragmented consumer data, operators lack a holistic view of consumer behavior, resulting in promotions that often miss the mark.

Bettor Vision utilizes AI to help solve this data-heavy problem by providing personalized offers to improve the customer experience. AI is also used to help consumers make better decisions by quickly analyzing large data sets and providing valuable insights.

With a number of beta users on the app, the team has already started to receive feedback.

“The feedback we have received so far has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Doyle. “Our beta testers with multiple fantasy football accounts were thrilled with the ability to track all their teams in one app. Sports betting consumers were drawn to our ‘Kayak of sports betting’ feature which only shows them the best odds based on their linked accounts. And users with both betting and fantasy accounts loved the simplicity of tracking all their activity on our dashboard.”

Over the next year, Bettor Vision will expand its AI recommendation engine to further understand and cater to user behaviors and preferences. Looking further ahead, it aims to be the go-to app for passionate sports fans, providing a singular resource for managing fantasy rosters and bets, finding the best odds, and socializing picks with friends.

Through Transform, Bettor Vision hopes to gain the tools and mentorship needed to lay the foundation of its AI-backed bet recommendation engine. In addition, the team hopes to build up its network throughout Chicago to create relationships with investors who can help establish Bettor Vision as a leading sports tech product.

// Powered by the Polsky Center’s Deep Tech Ventures, Transform provides full-spectrum support for the startups accepted into the accelerator, including access to business and technical training, industry mentorship, venture capital connections, and funding opportunities.

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