Researcher Resources and Venture Support

By pairing with students and alumni, UChicago facuty and affiliated researchers can take advantage of the opportunity to work on their businesses and social enterprises in a collaborative and dynamic environment. Accepted Accelerator  teams received funding, office space, access to Polsky Center staff, coaching from faculty, mentorship from alumni entrepreneurs and Chicago-area investors, and weekly programming designed to help them overcome many of the hurdles to launching a business. Learn more

The Collaboratorium provides UChicago faculty members and researchers with the chance to showcase their research, technology, or ideas. Through discussions with students, ideators develop a better understanding of the next steps they may need to take to pursue a business opportunity. Further, ideators have the chance to network with University of Chicago students and alumni with whom they may be interested in partnering with in order to embark upon any of the following aspirations: further academic study, market research, a business partnership, or participation in an academic competition such as the New Venture Challenge. Learn more

Edward L. Kaplan, '71, New Venture Challenge (NVC) 
Now in its 20th year, the Edward L. Kaplan, ’71, New Venture Challenge (NVC) is designed to help student teams turn their ideas into viable businesses. Launched in 1996, the NVC is recognized as a top-ranked accelerator program in the nation and has graduated more than 140 start-up companies still in operation today. The NVC has expanded to include four tracks: Traditional, Social, Global, and College, which offer tailored programming to meet the needs of UChicago's diverse student body. Learn more

Innovation Corps (I-Corps)
The Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program empowers UChicago scientists, researchers, and students to test the commercial potential of their research and ideas. Supported with funding from the National Science Foundation  and run by the Polsky Center, the I-Corps program is specifically designed for participants working on projects related to the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Learn more

Innovation Fund
The University of Chicago Innovation Fund is a $20 million investment fund focusing on commercializing early stage research and supporting emerging companies at the University and its affiliates, including Argonne National Laboratory, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Marine Biological Laboratory. The Fund supports projects with high potential for societal and commercial impact, helping to bridge the gap between basic research funding and commercial investment. Learn more

Lab Corps
Based off of the I-Corps program, the Lab-Corps is a new Department of Energy program that gives national laboratory staff the opportunity to determine if their technology is suitable for commercialization. National laboratory staff with a commercially relevant technology will team up with an entrepreneurial lead and an industry mentor who has had experience in technology commercialization. It is not required that teams be fully formed at submission, site support staff will assist in acquiring entrepreneurial leads and industry mentors as necessary. Learn more

Polsky Incubator
The Polsky Incubator is designed for early stage companies looking for space, guidance, and support to reach critical milestones and grow into a sustainable business. UChicago students, faculty, staff, and researchers, as well as community and partner institution entrepreneurs, may join the Polsky Incubator. To learn more, check out our Polsky Incubator information page.