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Ownership of Intellectual Property: Statutes and Policies

Under Statute 18 of the University of Chicago Statutes, the University owns inventions, including “device-like” software, made in the course of work at the University, and/or with the substantial aid of its facilities and/or funds administered by it, and such inventions must be disclosed to the University. See the University’s Statute 18 and the Student Manual for additional information. Contact the Technology Commercialization and Licensing team if you have questions about ownership of intellectual property.

Revenue Sharing Policy

Revenue received from licensing intellectual property is shared with university inventors or authors in accordance with the Revenue Share Policy.

Consulting Agreement Guide

The University of Chicago encourages consulting relationships with commercial enterprises. It is the responsibility of a faculty member or other University employee to ensure that consulting agreement terms do not conflict with their University research and teaching obligations and that they are consistent with University policies and employment obligations and policies. The Consulting Agreement Guide is offered as an aid to faculty and other academic appointees who engage in consulting services.