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Fostering Collaboration and Mentorship for Success

Finding Success in the Pacific Northwest: Acquiring a Franchise Business

Live from the Harper Center: Acquiring for Long-Term

Exploring the Future of ETA

From Wall Street to Main Street: A Journey in Industrial Entrepreneurship



From Finance to Innovation: A CEO’s Journey

Decision Making Moments in ETA

Navigating ETA & SBA

Navigating Personal and Financial Risk in Entrepreneurship

Diverse Perspectives in ETA: Building Resumes and Teams for Success

Risk in ETA from an Investor’s Point of View

From Sponsored Searcher to Operator: Creating Your Own Path with ETA

Live from the Harper Center: Next Steps in the ETA Journey Post-Exit

Combining Passion with Expertise: Advice on Operating

Reflections on Serial Acquisitions and Long-Term Growth

Navigating the Partner Led Search

Examining ETA’s Growth Potential in Frontier Markets




Building Alpine Investors with Graham Weaver

Perspectives on a Purposeful ETA Career

Creating a Great Leadership Transition at TGI Direct

Self-Funded Search from Multiple Angles




Reflections on 30 Years of Successful Search Entrepreneurship

Working on the Business versus In the Business

Celebrating an Exit at T Base Communications

Family Business Lessons for ETA Searchers and Operators




Celebrating a Growth Recapitalization at Applied Data Corporation

Reid Tileston’s Self-Funded Search “An A+ In Diligence”

Update on the ETA Journey: New Operators during Covid 19

Creating Better Products and Businesses: Jerry Callahan’s Inventive Entrepreneurship

CEO Hacks with Alyssa Rapp

The Power of the Search Pivot

Operating During the Covid-19 Crisis

Live from the 2019 Booth-Kellogg ETA Conference: Fireside Chat with Eric Roza

An Entrepreneurial Transition to Private Equity

Update on the ETA Journey: From Searcher to Operator




Growth Strategy: Creatively Approaching Acquisitions

One Year In: Adjusting to the CEO Role

The Partner Led Search – Complimentary Skill Sets and Delineation of Roles

Democratizing the Digital Supply Chain

Taking the Leap of Faith to Pursue ETA

Transitioning from Military Leadership to Business Leadership

Finding the Right Fit: Lessons Learned Through a Partner Led Search

Beyond the First 100 Days: Building a United Culture

Building a Practice to Service Entrepreneurs: The “Volume Game” of the Search

Growing an Investment Business

Technology in ETA: Acquiring and Running a Software-Driven Business

Success as a Self-Funded Searcher: Benefits of Funding Your Own Deal

ETA Alternatives: Management Buyout (MBO)




Lessons Learned as a First Time Operator

Staying the Course: Insight into Growing your Business to a Successful Exit

ETA Alternatives: Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)

Navigating your Search: Lessons Learned Along the Way

ETA Alternatives: The Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC)

Going Global: Launching a Search Fund in International Markets

Invaluable Advice from a Veteran Search Fund Investor

Building out your Team




Operator, Advisor, Investor: The Entrepreneurial Trifecta

Perspectives from the Search Fund Investor

The Two-Man Search Fund: Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Transforming the Model: Evolution of the Search Fund since Irv Grousbeck

Dynamics of the Relationship between the Investor and the Searcher

Journey of the Self-Funded Searcher

Working with the Business Owner

Speaking from Experience: Coley Andrews of Pacific Lake




Words of Wisdom from an Expert Board Member

The CEO Odyssey: Evolving from Deal Professional to Company Leader

Perspectives of the Successful Independent Sponsor

Raising a Search Fund

Searching for the Business

Funding the Acquisition: The Nuts and Bolts of Debt Financing

The Legal Aspects of Search Funds

The Search Fund Entrepreneur Round Trip

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