Victoria Bills

Victoria Bills

Chief Investment Strategist, Banrion Capital

Victoria D. Bills serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Strategist at Banrion Capital Management, where her multifaceted role encompasses leading strategic initiatives and serving as a prominent financial and market commentator. With a focus on developing and maintaining investment models, conducting rigorous due diligence on private investment funds, and nurturing relationships with Banríon’s OCIO clients. Renowned for her insightful business and market analyses, Victoria’s expertise is globally recognized, frequently showcased on prestigious platforms including Yahoo! Finance, Reuters Market Insights, Coindesk, and Bloomberg. Her astute commentary offers invaluable perspectives on market trends, investment strategies, and emerging opportunities, enriching the broader discourse within the financial community while collaborating closely with the CEO to drive strategic initiatives forward.

Victoria’s journey into finance began at an early age when she delved into value-based investing and economics at the age of 11. She was a student at the Ariel Community Academy, a magnet school located on Chicago’s south side, founded by Ariel Investments. At Ariel Community Academy, students are empowered with financial knowledge and given $20,000 as a class to invest in the stock market at their discretion, with the profits distributed among students upon graduation to be invested in 529-Plans. This early exposure ignited Victoria’s passion for finance, setting the stage for her remarkable career trajectory in the industry.

Prior to her current role at Banrion, she served as an Associate at Allos Ventures, where she played a pivotal role in managing deal flows and conducting due diligence, with an emphasis on identifying investment opportunities within Illinois-based companies. Preceding her tenure at Allos, Victoria held the position of Investment Analyst at the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office, where she contributed to investment due diligence, analysis, and monitoring of external program managers for the Illinois Growth and Innovation Fund. Earlier in her career, Victoria held a significant role at Ariel Investments as a Client Service and Investor Relations Associate.
Outside of her professional pursuits, Victoria leads a vibrant lifestyle. She finds solace and inspiration in her passions as an Argentine tango dancer, aerial circus artist, and a lover of the art of storytelling through the medium of anime and dungeons and dragons which serve as outlets for creative expression.

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