Licensing Intellectual Property

The Technology Commercialization and Licensing team forms partnerships with new and existing companies by negotiating license agreements or providing UCGo! Startup Licenses. 

License Agreements
A license is a contract whereby the owner of intellectual property grants permission for another party to act under all or some of the owner's rights. The Technology Commercialization and Licensing team typically transfers UChicago intellectual property through a license agreement in which the University grants its rights in the technology to a third party.

If the Technology Commercialization and Licensing team finds a commercial partner, the team will negotiate the terms of a license agreement for the technology. We will keep you generally informed when the licensing process has proceeded and when the agreement is finalized. Inventors and the University benefit financially from license agreements by further supporting new research and discovery. View a select set of our licensing partnerships.  

Express Licensing                                                                                                           Apply for UCGo!, the University of Chicago’s express license. This optional, standardized, non-negotiable license agreement is available to a startup founded by a University researcher seeking to commercialize University technology. Learn more about UCGo!