Disclose Your Idea

The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, through its Technology Commercialization and Licensing group, protects and manages inventions generated through research at the University, the University of Chicago Medical Center, the Marine Biological Laboratory, or the Toyota Technological Institute.  For such inventions, completing an invention disclosure form is the first step to engaging with us in the commercialization process.

If you are not a researcher, postdoctoral fellow, resident, student or staff member in one of these organizations, please contact polskylicensing@uchicago.edu before submitting an invention disclosure to determine if it is appropriate for you to do so.

Certain discoveries, inventions, and materials are best disseminated through intellectual property protection and commercial partnerships. The Polsky Center's Technology Commercialization and Licensing (TCL) team evaluates the best route to maximize the impact of University research. In addition, federal grants and other research sponsors typically require that inventions made using those funds be disclosed to the University and reported to the funding source.

To submit an invention disclosure, simply complete the form and submit as outlined below.

Disclosure Form (Microsoft Word)
Download and fill out the disclosure form. 

Complete the Disclosure Form
Submission of this form ensures that the Polsky Center receives all the required and relevant information in order to evaluate your disclosure for intellectual property protection and commercial potential. Make sure that you include any relevant supporting documents, such as any draft manuscripts, slide decks, etc. with your disclosure. Disclose early and often.

Submit the Disclosure Form
 Print the completed form, obtain the appropriate signatures, then scan the signed original disclosure form and send them via email.

Evaluation and Next Steps
After we have received your disclosure, a member of the Technology Commercialization and Licensing team will be assigned to your invention and will reach out to you for further discussion. 

Contact a member of the Technology Commercialization and Licensing team with any inquiries.