Researchers to Showcase Innovation at Polsky Collaboratorium Networking and Pitch Event

The Collaboratorium unites UChicago students with researchers, technologists, and faculty. (Image: Shabasheva)

The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is next week hosting the Winter Collaboratorium, a networking and pitch event that unites University of Chicago students with researchers and faculty.

>> Join us, January 19, 2021, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm CST. Register here.

The program provides the opportunity for scientists and researchers who want to explore commercialization opportunities to showcase their work and network with students and alumni who may be interested in connecting to pursue further academic study, market research, a business partnership, or participation in an academic competition, such as the New Venture Challenge.

The Winter Collaboratorium will feature:

HeioThera // HeioThera is a therapeutic platform technology to treat autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Team members:

  • Jeff Hubbell, PI and cofounder, Eugene Bell Professor in Tissue Engineering and Deputy Dean for Development, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering
  • Jun Ishihara, former postdoctoral fellow at UChicago, currently an assistant professor at Imperial College London
  • Carlo Passeri, student, Chicago Booth

JOD // The team has developed a hybrid micro-nanoscale device that is the first of a platform of next generation fluidic devices for advanced genomics and point of care applications on the microbiome.

Team members:

  • Anindita (Oni) Basu, assistant professor, Biological Sciences Division
  • Supratik Guha, professor and senior advisor to Argonne Physical Sciences and Engineering, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering

MadreCare // MadreCare is developing a SaaS maternal health platform to empower and educate mothers to identify postpartum warning symptoms and enhance care coordination among mothers and health providers.

Team members:

  • Antonia Navarro, assistant research professor, Biological Sciences Division

Smart blood tests to predict brain hemorrhage // The team is developing smart blood tests to proactively identify molecular signals in the blood that indicate a predisposition to brain hemorrhage. Through these tests, the team hopes to help predict hemorrhages, especially imminent hemorrhagic strokes.

Team members:

  • Issam Awad, John Harper Seeley Professor of Neurological Sciences of Surgery, professor of Neurology, Biological Sciences Division
  • Romuald Girard, assistant research professor, Biological Sciences Division

Nanoporous antireflective coatings for industrial and consumer products // Antireflective coatings (ARCs) reduce the light reflection from surfaces to minimize the glare effect. The team has developed a robust, scalable, and efficient approach based on gas-phase sequential infiltration synthesis (SIS) to deposit inorganic single layer and gradient conformal coatings with easily tuned refractive indices, which is critical to improve performance in a wide range of consumer and industrial products.

Team members:

  • Elena Shevchenko, staff researcher, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Supratik Guha, professor and senior advisor to Argonne Physical Sciences and Engineering, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering

Oral cancer saliva test // The team is developing a molecular biomarker next-generation sequencing-based test to detect shed tumor DNA mutations in saliva samples for diagnosing, monitoring, and post-treatment surveillance of oral cavity cancers.

Team members:

  • Nishant Agrawal, professor of surgery, committee on cancer biology, Biological Sciences Division
  • Rifat Hasina, staff researcher, Biological Sciences Division
  • Evgeny Izumchenko, assistant professor of medicine, committee on genetics, genomics and systems biology, Biological Sciences Division

Resilient Games Studio // Resilient Games Studio (RGS) is an innovative creator, publisher, and distributor of educational games and tools. Our newest product, a Contraceptive Counseling toolkit, is just one of many games and tools designed with and for young people, with the goal of improving health and creating social impact.

Team members:

  • Melissa Gilliam, Vice Provost, Ellen H. Block Professor of Health Justice of Obstetrics and Gynecology, professor of pediatrics, Biological Sciences Division
  • Tim Parsons, MBA ‘20, Chicago Booth

SynthBits // Molecular spin qubits with an integrated photonic interface is a new quantum technology platform invented by the team at SynthBits. Chemical synthesis enables atomistic control and custom engineering of the quantum bit properties, while also allowing for mass production of identical devices in a cheap and scalable way. These nanometer-sized, individually packaged quantum bits can be interfaced using light, enabling remote measurements of highly localized effects. This technology could have a tremendous impact from health to materials industries.

Team members:

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