2018-2019 I-Corps Teams

Autumn 2018

Picque: using data and behavioral science to drive wellness using an app.

Comprehensive Care Physician (CCP) Program: exploring commercial avenues  for a tested, innovative model of care delivery in which medically complex patients receive care from the same physician in both the hospital and the clinic.

Versatile Imaging: creating Fermilab-developed electronics for photon imaging camera systems capable of providing both high spatial as well as energy resolution at high speeds.

Crown Financial: using insights from emerging academic research to create a bank that specializes in vocational student loans.

Diagnostics for ALS: developing a rapid and painless diagnostic tool to help quickly identify patients with ALS and to track their clinical condition over time.

Innervo Technologies: developing a hidden and noninvasive device called EquiCue as an intraoral balance aid.

Oteomics: exploring the commercial potential of an induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) bank from diverse populations.

Polaris Genomics: developing a blood based assay that can selectively and specifically identify colorectal cancer prior to any invasive testing.

QMIS: creating MRI analysis software intended for the detection of prostate cancer through only MRI images.

RecoverMe: producing media to educate post-operative orthopedic patients and their care teams.

Winter 2019

HiPACG: innovating assembly code generation to bridge the gap between hardware and software developments.

Enzyme By Design: developing a mammalian L-asparaginase to be used in cancer chemotherapy with fewer side-effects than current solutions.

First Women’s Bank of Chicago: addressing a need for a safe and private environment where female millennials can discuss and share fears and hopes around financial literacy and money management.

AVNovum Therapeutics: bioengineering and developing novel antifungal compounds for preventing virulent fungal infections.

Scholactivity Tracker: developing a web based platform to log scholarly activities for health system departments of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and for universities.

Doctor in the Family: creating a cancer care service that will transform a cancer patient’s ability to make truly informed and well-educated decisions.

DrLullaby: developing a website and mobile application for pediatric behavioral sleep treatment.

Anapneo: developing a small molecule to treat sleep disordered breathing.

Clinify: creating a healthcare analytics platform that supports behavioral health interventions.

Medsemble: creating a scheduling tool for autism clinics to more efficiently and optimally schedule therapists and patients based on need and geography.

Spring 2019

4SR: creating tRNA sequencing technology that can enable scientists to measure the physiological changes within a microbial sample.

Bug In Bug Out: creating live biotherapeutics designed to reduce bacterial infections in animals and humans.

Tharzen: creating visual website editing technology that propogates updates to the website sourcecode.

Highly Multiplexed Microfluidic Cell Culture: developing a patented microfluidic platform to culture mammalian cells.

Socium Health: assisting in the curation and presentation of  health data  to educate patients about the planning and management of their advanced care.

Precision Nerve Block: building a control system to administer individualized nerve block anesthetic based on real-time feedback.

Uncovering Proprioceptive Function in Health and Illness: creating a device that quantifies proprioceptive function, disentangling it from vision and thereby uncovering neurological sensory loss.

ThinkLive!: offering solutions for schools and after school programs to increase STEM student learning, engagement and participation.

Summer 2019

Caporus Technologies: developing technology for much higher density capacitive energy storage and stability.

Celadyne Technologies: creating a new nanocomposite membrane technology that can improve the performance of electrolyzers and fuel cells.

CoolAI: employing artificial intelligence solutions to control cooling and heating systems in residential and commercial buildings.

HowTu: creating educational content to help surgical trainees to prepare for procedures more efficiently.

Nanopattern Technologies: creating photo-patternable ink technology to enable energy efficient, longer lasting, and better color displays for TV, mobile, AR/VR applications.

Stemloop: unlocking the power of biological sensors using a cell-free synthetic biology platform.

Voyant Diagnostics: developing a smart toilet platform that fully automates point-of-care urine diagnostics.

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