2017-2018 I-Corps Teams

Autumn 2017

Cure me: a secure health care marketplace that matches qualified patients for phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials to pharmaceutical company’s inclusion criteria.

ForeseeABill: automates the Medicare Coverage Analysis (MCA) process of determining Medicare/private insurance payer versus sponsor reimbursement for tests and procedures conducted as part of the clinical trial, resulting in accurate budgets, lower cost, and increased compliance.

Latent Culture: developing Genmo (short for Generative Mosaic) is a visual effects process that recreates any video (or photo) input using an entirely separate set of images.

LiveBeat: creating an affordable solution to monitor fetal heartbeat with highest accuracy and safety.

Lynx genomics: developing novel high-precision pipelines for the analysis of liquid biopsies.

4SR: offers a novel way to characterize microbiome samples that is currently not available and provides insights into bacterial activity, metabolism and response.

Prone: a probiotic nasal spray designed to promote nasal health.

Sinsal: developing an innovative water treatment technology which will help energy producers treat and recycle wastewater.

UCSafe: creating an application for university communities to access security and safety resources, including emergency services.


Winter 2018

BackWave: creating a non-invasive cardiac output monitor for home patient use that alerts cardiologists when output declines for timely intervention prior to readmission.

Beltech: producing a new lithium-ion battery that reduces battery costs, has longer life and is safer.

Product Risk Framework: The Product Risk Framework is a business intelligence SW tool that helps project teams to analyze the constraints and uncertainties associated with new products.

Five to Nine: building an experiential community platform to connect emerging business and technology professionals online and in-person, providing context to conversation by analyzing commonalities between attendees.

Hybrid Silicon Lasers: producse highly versatile, miniature, infrared lasers that integrate seamlessly into silicon-based circuits and foundries.

MicroMod: developing a tool to selectively remove and alter the microbiome, in vitro and in vivo, by use of modified DNA imprinted polymer nanoparticles

nuBorn Medical: developing the OroScope, a non-invasive assessment device that enables clinicians to objectively diagnose preterm infant feeding deficits.

Oxalo Therapeutics: developing a first-in-class oral therapeutic to prevent kidney stones.

SCR: creating a locomotion training device that helps patients with spinal cord injuries rehabilitate independently and safely at home.

BiomeSense: creating the first low-cost, fully automated sensor for air and water microbial composition detection and quantification.

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