2016-2017 I-Corps Teams

Autumn 2016

Clarix Imaging Corporation: develops compact medical imaging devices and software for improving surgical oncology outcomes and reducing cost.

ClostraBio,Inc.a biopharma company developing therapeutics for food allergies. The company will commercialize small molecule formulations and dietary fibers that modulate the gut microbiome to confer protection against food antigens.

Conduitbringing experts together from every step in the development, prototyping, and production process together to create a flexible development environment that helps bring embedded systems (the ”Internet of Things”) to market faster.

Latona Therapeutics: developing a drug-delivery platform technology to better treat cancers that are difficult to target or treat with conventional methods. The technology – light-activated delivery of drugs using nanoparticles – aims to shrink tumors with minimal toxicity to the patient. Our team plans to in-license this technology from the National Institutes of Health and develop it for commercialization.

NPDX: an in-home test to detect neutropenia, a sudden and dangerous loss of white blood cells occurring as a side-effect of chemotherapy.

Octogene, Inc.: developing a new diagnostic tool for physicians and medical researchers to provide precision immunotherapy.

PureIR Biotech: developing a portable energy- and cost-efficient method for the accurate detection and ultrafast diagnosis of new contagions.

Seurat Therapeutics: developing intranasal Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) as a novel treatment option for high frequency migraine patients. We aim to translate our unique mechanistic understanding of how migraines occur to fulfill an unmet therapeutic need for frequent migraine sufferers.

Solar Bus 4 Schools: aims to provide emissions-free transportation to school children by use of partial electric drive system to replace a diesel engine.

Vertigometric Diagnostics: developing a medical device involving retinal photography to distinguish between several causes of acute dizziness.

Winter 2017

Aushadhi Healthcare Services: provides affordable, timely, and holistic healthcare in India using technology that will make it easier for patients and doctors to order and receive medicine, communicate with one another, and manage medical records.

Center for Dementia Caregiving (CDCG): uses research-based information and web-based modules for teaching registered nurses regarding dementia caregiving in hospital-based settings.

GenForward: a first of its kind survey panel of over 1750 Millennials (18 to 30) that includes oversamples of African Americans, Asian American and Latino/as. It enables researchers, advocates, journalists and those in the private sector to effectively monitor the attitudes, experiences, and actions of next generation citizens.

Hortus Research: creating an algorithmic analysis of infrared photos with the goal of identifying image characteristics for a service to academic and commercial clients. Our team consists of a PhD candidate in detector physics for telescopes and an entrepreneur in precision agriculture.

Mentor Matching Engine: an invitation-based platform that virtually connects high school students and their teachers to STEM professionals from industry and research institutions to support and enhance personalized, student-led research.

O2M Technologiesa preclinical stage medical device company developing novel magnetic resonance oxygen imaging instrumentation and methodology for cancer radiation treatment targeting. O2M team uses oxygen information to specifically attack radiation resistant cancer tissues and avoid unnecessary damHage to other areas which reduces post-treatment complications and improves cancer treatment success.

School Takes A Village: an online platform where schools and nonprofits can find high quality matches to partner with to better serve our youths, nurture those partnerships, and learn from each other’s experiences.

Tenemun: uses big data analytics and fraud prevention principles to provide a better estimate of borrowers’ credit risk using users’ behavioral and non-financial data.

Transnostics: a contract service company for 3D immunoanalysis of core needle biopsy in clinical and clinical trials of cancer immunotherapy.

Spring 2017

3D Printed Eyewear: developing a cost-effective, accurate, and reproducible system of producing eyewear using 3D printing technology.

Beyond Barriers Therapeutics: developing a portable, easy-to-use device, which can be used quickly following a traumatic brain injury.

ClearFlame Engines: adapting heavy-duty engines to utilize alternative fuels, enabling decreased costs and improved performance, while simultaneously eliminating the emissions challenges posed by Diesel fuel.

Global Pixels: turning Earth science products, such as weather forecasts and hydrologic forecasts, into decision support tools for emergency managers, policy makers, TV meteorologists, and everyday people.

International Neurocritical Care Educational Initiative: providing sophisticated education to family members and to healthcare personnel in charge of traumatic brain injury patients.

Lingo TestingTM: providing state-of-the-art language testing services that measure candidates’ target language proficiency compared to specific job requirements.

MagiCyte: creating a highly sensitive detection system for circulating tumor cells in blood.

MycroChange: a social impact savings platform that allows individuals to support their favorite causes by investing in local non-profits and community impact organizations.

Radio-Krypton Dating Center: providing access to a novel technology invented at Argonne to address needs in the Earth science community and the commercial sector.

Virtual Medical Assistant and Virtual Medical Eye: creating a simplified workflow for physicians to improve the EMR experience.

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