2015-2016 I-Corps Teams

Autumn 2015

Argonne Advanced Radiation Lab: aims to identify commercial and government R&D collaborations related to the development of medical isotopes.

Freenters: provides ad-subsidized printing to students through its virtual printer driver, allowing them to reduce their printing cost.

InSight 4 Us: a web-based interactive learning program specifically designed for children with autism, dyslexia, and ADHD that focuses on learning strengths and compensates for learning challenges.

Insight Byte: empowers restaurant owners to make intelligent business decisions. The solution enhances customer intelligence and optimizes internal operations.

Lumii Health: an analytics-driven health benefits platform for mid-sized companies and their employees that helps them understand the new healthcare environment post-Affordable Care Act and make smarter decisions.

Knowen: provides an online service for developing and sharing research information between private collaborators or through crowdsourcing.

Labresults: uses a machine-learning approach to analyze lab test results.

Navipoint Genomics: develops, operates, and supports an advanced next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis platform for bio-science and bio-medical researchers.

Planetary Laboratory: a web platform and education consulting service that connects kids and their mentors to fun, real-world science programs hosted by organizations with science education mandates (e.g. laboratories, zoos, museums).

Project Air: developing the world’s first peer-to-peer digital payment system using distributed encryption, making online payments at less than a third the cost of credit, debit, or Paypal.

TaskPath: A mobile and cloud platform to ensure execution and increase productivity of field workforces.

VidVelocity: an iPhone app that uses deep learning networks to determine the velocity of a baseball pitch or tennis ball serve from video taken with an iPhone.

VirtualKEY: a smart and secure way to exchange keys between peer-to-peer Hosts and Guests.

Winter 2016

Beige Therapeutics: developing proof-of-concept compounds as novel treatment strategies for obesity.

ConnectSX: enables simplified, robust surgical implant/surgical device management at the “lot” level.

Escherpad: a real-time collaborative computational notebook.

i4Spy: a mobile application that identifies and neutralizes stealth-mode cell phone cyberstalking and espionage software.

IME Hybrid Biomaterials: developing “IME-PolyCaP” injectable bone substitute materials for minimally invasive orthopedic and dental surgeries.

Mind Matters: provides telemental health services, including video teleconferencing and other digital tools, to U.S. veterans.

Magnetic Resonance Technology Development: creating advanced software architecture for the MRI-scanner that allows real-time and interactive MRI manipulation.

Output Medical: automates urine output measurement in real time to optimize physician decision making, patient management cost resource allocation, and integration of patient data.

Willowflare: an online analytics marketplace to help mobile game companies reach global players and collecting meaningful feedback.

Riviter: analyzes the visual DNA of items women have pinned, worn, and shared to recommend apparel and accessories they’ll love when they shop at their favorite retailers.

Spring 2016

Advanced Monocat Technologies: developing a low cost and industrially scalable technology to solve the problem of catalyst cost for fuel cell vehicles.

DoubleCheck: creating a discreet, affordable, and portable device that will detect the presence of commonly used “date-rape” drugs in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Eagle Tech: developing comprehensive software to provide real-time communications and critical information for fire departments.

Magnify: provides donor research and analysis that gives fundraisers at small public charities the information they need to better connect with major gift donors.

Heated Mat: designing a matting/coating system to cover existing pavements in order to prevent the need to plow or salt snow.

NG2EV: developing high-efficiency natural gas powered charging stations for electric vehicle charging.

Quantitative Radiology Insights: developing a program that enables quantitative reports of radiological (CT and MRI) studies for more accurate diagnosis and improved patient care.

ReadAskChat: a home-based early learning system of enhanced digital libraries that empowers parents and caregivers to read interactively with children 6 months to 5 years of age.

Walk-in Brain: developing a software that can convert static medical image data of a human brain (MRI, CT scan, etc.) to live data, which is displayed in a virtual reality environment for virtual exploration, virtual surgery, and virtual experiments.

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