2014-2015 I-Corps Teams

Autumn 2014

ExplORer Surgical has developed a real-time operating room workflow management software, designed to optimize surgical team performance, communication, and coordination.

Game Changer Chicago Design Lab uses game play and game design to create youth-directed, problem-based, and collaborative learning opportunities and outcomes. GCC programs and workshops help youth build skills and assets as a means of advancing health outcomes.

PrescriptIQ is dedicated to improving patient care, improving care-givers’ efficiency, and reducing health-care costs by simply and easily providing physicians personalized pharmacogenomic conclusions to help inform their clinical decisions.

Predict ED is developing analytical tools that educators can use to identify at-risk students, prioritize based on urgency, and characterize individual student needs.

Qualia Health is a mobile health company that empowers people to self-manage their health by measuring a person’s complete physical, mental, and social health from anywhere and at any time.

Remote Vital Monitoring is developing a non-invasive device to measure changes in the patient’s intracranial pressure.

TERRAVAB, LLC is a biotech company focused on developing innovative vaccines and antibody therapies against infectious diseases.

Winter 2015

BallotReady is a website and mobile app that helps voters make informed decisions in local elections, by providing straight-forward, accessible, non-partisan information.

Behavioral Insights is developing optimal parent engagement via insights from the fields of behavioral economics and neuroscience.

HC-CCP (Home Care Comprehensive Care Physician Program) is a new model of health care delivery that aims to deliver better outcomes and lower costs by providing in-home and in-hospital care for patients who are at high risk of hospitalization.

Helix Analytix is a software and service business for analyzing genomic data generated by sequencing technologies.

Host Targeted Therapeutics is identifying novel ways to treat infections and antibiotic resistance through re-purposing of FDA-approved drugs.

Pink Think has developed an innovative product called Codeable Bracelets, a mobile app and web- based platform that easily teaches girls programming skills using a drag and drop coding language.

RDMCHEM LLC is developing the next generation of computational software for chemistry with applications to engineering, molecular biology, and physics.

Socilab is a web based graphical user interface for social networks. It enables users to visualize, analyze, and explore their social networks using methods and insights derived from social-scientific research.

Tovala is a smart countertop appliance that cooks a fresh, complete meal.

Spring 2015

Helodex Biometrics Corporation (HBC) is developing software for identifying individuals and their relations from DNA sequence obtained from emerging sequencing technologies.

 iSTEM is developing an innovative and tested genetics curriculum that teachers want and need.

LabRepo is developing an open source, web-based laboratory and data information management platform.

NETenergy is developing a thermal energy storage battery for small commercial buildings.

Nomwell is the easiest way to remember restaurant recommendations from others, keep track of your own favorites, and discover new spots from your food-loving friends.

ParkZen is developing a smartphone app that utilizes GPS technology, a numerical algorithm and cloud services to update users on newly available free street parking spots in their vicinity.

Pursuits is a CRM/dashboard for career transitions, which aims to increase organization and reduce stress when it comes to job searches and career transitions. Additionally, Pursuits helps educational institutions gain insights into students’ career progression.

SimField is developing a low-cost visual field test for the diagnosis of glaucoma.

Xhist is developing a technique to allow for x-ray histology of unsectioned tissue.

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