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Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund

Steering Committee

Members Include

John Flavin, MBA
Associate Vice President for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Scott Meadow, MBA
Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship, Chicago Booth

Jason Pariso, MBA 
Director, Innovation Fund

Advisory Committee

Robert Altman, MBA, PhD
Member of the Board of Directors, Toltec Pharmaceuticals

Eric C. Beyer, MD, PhD
Professor of Pediatrics Chairman, Committee on Cell Physiology

Douglass Given, MD, PhD
CEO, Health2047; Managing Partner, G5 Ventures

Nancy Harvey, MBA, PhD 
Managing Director, Polsky Center

Dietrich Johannes Kappe
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Pathfinder Development

Steve Kuemmerle, PhD
Senior Director, Polsky Center

Zahir Lavji
Director, ZL Advisory

Charles Polsky, MD
Vice President and Director, William Harris Investors

Ellen A. Rudnick, MBA ’73
Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship, Chicago Booth

Martin Sanders, MD
Life Sciences Entrepreneur

Teddy Scott, PhD, JD
CEO and Co-Founder, PharmaCann LLC

Lee Shapiro, JD
Managing Partner, 7wire Ventures

David Steinberg, MBA
Partner, PureTech Ventures

Mark Tebbe
Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, Chicago Booth

Barry Ticho, MD, PhD
Head, Clinical Development Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease, Moderna Therapeutics