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This Could Be Our Future with Yancey Strickler

Yancey Strickler is a writer and entrepreneur. He is the cofounder and former CEO of Kickstarter and author of This Could Be Our Future: A Manifesto for a More Generous World. He is also the creator of Bentoism, a new tool that expands how we see the world and changes how we make decisions in our personal lives and organizations. Weaving stories from his time at Kickstarter with research from his book, which the Wall Street Journal called a “mix of internal corporate reform and consciousness-raising,” this talk will change the way people and organizations see the world and their futures. 

This Could Be Our Future is about how we created a society so focused on financial profit, and how we change course. The answer isn’t to get rid of money; it’s to expand our concept of value. By assigning rational value to other values besides money–things like community, purpose, and sustainability–we can refocus our energies to build a society that’s generous, fair, and ready for the future. By recalibrating our definition of value, a world of scarcity can become a world of abundance. Hopeful but firmly grounded, full of concrete solutions, and bursting with creativity, Yancey dissects the world we live in and shows us a road map to the world we are capable of making. 

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