Student Groups and Organizations

The entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University of Chicago is extremely diverse and that is evident by the long list of student groups representing multiple areas of study, interests and disciplines. Getting involved in one of the following student groups offers tremendous leadership opportunities outside the classroom for personal and professional growth. 

Registered Student Organizations at the College:

  • Edge - Edge is the umbrella organization for undergraduate entrepreneurship activity at UChicago. Its mission is to provide UChicago students with resources and a community to help them build skills, companies, and relationships. Learn more.
  • Engineering SocietyThe Engineering Society focuses on building and learning through experience, and encouraging members to learn how to work with as many types of building materials as possible. Learn more.
  • Hack@UChicagoHack@UChicago revolves around learning and creating awesome stuff using technology. Members are passionate about tinkering and learning about all sorts of technology. Learn more.

Chicago Booth Full-Time Student Groups:

  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital (EVC) Group - The EVC Group at Chicago Booth is very active within the student community and provides career development, networking opportunities, conferences on current topics in the entrepreneurial and venture capital industries, group activities, industry-leading speakers, and resources for our members. The EVC Group partners with the Polsky Center to organize the annual SeedCon, a conference focused on seeding early-stage ventures. Student leaders organize trips called “Treks” to visit start-up companies in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York, etc. The EVC group runs more than 70 events a year, including a series of networking events that allows entrepreneurial students to collaborate, brainstorm business ideas, and receive feedback. Learn more
  • Private Equity GroupThe student-led Private Equity Group brings together Chicago Booth MBA students with an interest in Private Equity. The group’s activities complement the innovative courses, research, and guidance provided by exceptional Chicago Booth faculty in entrepreneurship, finance and strategy. The group is very active within the Chicago Booth student community, providing career development, networking opportunities, conferences on current topics in the industry, group activities, industry-leading speakers, industry-focused trips, and many other resources for its members. Learn more.
  • Booth HacksBooth Hacks hosts an eight-week program, specialized classes, and other exciting events to teach Booth students the basics of coding. Content is designed to give students a programing skill set, teach “developer speak,” and provide an introduction to coding culture. All Booth students are welcome to join, with no prior experience required. Booth Hacks’ mission is to encourage students to find new, innovative, and unusual solutions to problems. Students are encouraged to take action and solve the problems they see by teaching them the fundamentals of computer programming, with a focus on business-related web development. Learn more
  • Booth Search Fund GroupThe Search Fund Group strives to accomplish two principal goals: 1) Educate students and alumni about the entrepreneurship-through-acquisition process, and 2) Create a community of interested and active industry participants. The Search Fund Group accomplishes its goals through both educational and experiential programming. The educational events are topical discussions with industry experts detailing each step of the entrepreneurship-through-acquisition process. The experiential portion will provide students with the opportunity to source and evaluate live investment targets (either for themselves or a third-party sponsor). Learn more
  • Booth Innovation and Design ClubBooth has long been storied for producing MBA's who can optimize any financial model and solve any knowable problem. But what happens when you need to create a new business model, product, service, or customer experience? The Innovation and Design Club was founded to help Booth talent learn how to solve these problems and connect with firms using the human-centered design approach to innovation. Learn more

Chicago Booth Part-Time Student Groups:

  • Built@Booth: Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital ClubThe mission of Built@Booth is to foster Chicago Booth students’ understanding of the venture capital business and of the process of setting up one’s own company. The group hosts the Innovation Competition and other programming for part-time students. Learn more
  • Private Equity Club - The Private Equity Club's (PEC) mission is to enhance Booth students' understanding of private equity. The PEC achieves this through a variety of year-round social events, invited presentations, and panel discussions featuring speakers from a wide range of industries. Events include the Search Fund Conference and the Private Equity Conference. Learn more

Biological Sciences Division (BSD):

  • UChicago Biotech Association (UCBA) - The University of Chicago Biotechnology Association’s mission is to provide career education and skill development opportunities to University of Chicago graduate students and post doctoral scholars. Learn more

Argonne National Laboratory: